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Cwm Cywarch New Routes Book

The Cywarch New Routes books were bound into one volume by John A. Sumner (Fritz) & returned to 'Bryn Hafod' in March 1986.

This book was digitalised in 2022 by Jill P. Sumner in memory of John Sumner's climbing in Mid Wales.

This journal is available as PDF. Click below to view.

The Mountain Club Magazine 1979

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Nice to see it digitised for posterity and availability. Odd that the referende to the first clean ascent of Keelhaul that I did in June 1970 (led on a nut runner under the overhang after removing the peg for protection) has been carefully & totally obliterated though..? 🤔

Replying to

Wonder how many other historical references have been 'doctored'..?

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