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The Mountain Club 70th Anniversary

On 10 September 2022, The Mountain Club celebrated its 70th anniversary at Bryn Hafod, our club hut.

The club’s full history was represented, from founder member Stuart Taylor, who gave a short talk on his memories from the club’s formation, to some of our newest members.

It was a pleasure to see all the generations of the club together, catching up on the memories from so many years.


​Phil Bailey Nick Owens Becky Owens Dave Stevenson Nigel Harris Harry Blake Doulton Thomason-Blake Dave Nichols Nick Manasseh Robert Townsend Paul Hyland Nick Humphreys Kirsty Higgs

Glenn Kirkham Mick Collins Graham Meigh Stuart Taylor Tony Veriker Peter George Peter Cockshott Chris Cockshott Peggy Davison Wendy Goulstone Jayne Wilding Robin Thorndyke Dave Brown

​Sue Brown Brendan Crozier Mick Burton Dave Jackson Caroline Quaife Andy Grondowski Graham Williams John Banks Dave Havers Gillian Atkinson Dave Tucker Michelle Tucker

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1 opmerking

Great weekend..thank you to all of the organisers and to those members who did all the 'heavy lifting'.

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