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The Mountain Club Journal 1984

Editorial by Alison Tapley

Escapades Ecosses by Jim Hall

My Latest VS by Alison Tapley

In The Extreme - Eventually! by Dave Kent

Crossword by Barrie Knox

Eurocrags by John Codling

Rescue and Remuneration by Don Soughan

Am I A Camp Follower? by Jill Sumner

Storm On The Gervasutti Pillar by John Sumner

Solution to Crossword by Barrie Knox.


Cover picture by Robin Thorndyke

Typing by Lesley Hogg

This journal is available as a searchable PDF. Click below to view.

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Memories... was it really 38 years ago...🤦‍♂️


Unknown member
Jul 27, 2022

Interesting to read about about about what we were up to more than 38 years ago , amazing.


Don't know the characters, but that's a cracking read.

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