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The Mountains Club Magazine Autumn 73

A Tolkein type tale: Strange Lands and Wild Places by Rob Thorndyke

Rescue on the Walker Spur by John Sumner

Six Days at the Vallot Hut by Guy Summers

A Little Dangling Down Under by Ian Birkenahaw (Pooh Bear)

Equipment Notes by Jill Sumner and I Bought a Tent by Roger Chapman

Sore Feet and a Red Nose or A Hike over the Chilkoot Trail by Tony Ward

Anach Egach (sic) by Derek Mountford

Pontesford Rocks by Derek Mountford

The Lakes 3,000s by Mary Galpin

Recordings of Walks by Don Gilbert

This journal is available as a PDF. Click below to view.

The Mountain Club Magazine 1979

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