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Take a look at the updated entry guidance for Bryn Hafod some new water system guidance included.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Welcome, thank you for choosing Bryn Hafod

The members of The Mountain Club Stafford help to maintain the hut and try to ensure we provide a good base for which to explore the local area.

Please help us to do this by following a few simple rules listed below

On entry

1. Switch on electric using the mains switch above the door in the toilet block (Push red switch up on consumer unit through kitchen)

2. Switch on water main by turning the blue lever in line with pipework, this is located in the left hand toilet on the floor next to washbasin.

3. Check water flows from hot and cold taps in the kitchen and washroom block before switching on the immersion heater (Immersion switch is located on landing next to bedroom door) please allow water around 30 minutes to heat up.

4. Gas bottles are located at the rear of the toilet block, turn the lever between cylinders inline with pipe. DO NOT alter the taps on the top of the gas cylinders

On Leaving

1. Switch off immersion switch on landing

2. Switch off electric mains on consumer unit by pulling the red switch down

3. Turn off the water main by turning the blue lever so it is horizontal to the water pipe

Please do not drain water before leaving

4. Turn off gas isolator situated between the red cylinders outside, ensuring it is horizontal to the pipework.

Three separate bins are provided for general waste, glass and tins as well as card and paper

Please ensure all belongings and rubbish are removed from Bryn Hafod

Additional notes:

-Please do not place any cardboard packaging or wrapping in the stove as the soot blocks the chimney flue and terminal.

-Do not use any wood gathered from around Bryn Hafod as this is a smokeless burning area, and undried wood causes issues with the chimney flue.

-Rubbish must be taken home as we do not have facilities to dispose of this in the valley.

-The local area is now a dedicated “Dark skies area” please close the blinds in the kitchen at night, and the curtains facing down the valley in the lounge. Also consider the use of the porch light overnight.

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Unknown member
Feb 09, 2022

So love the kitchen blinds- can’t wait to see them - you don’t know that I’ve secretly been dreaming of them 🤣 and the insulated dorms - 💥 boom as they say x

Phil Bailey
Phil Bailey
Feb 09, 2022
Replying to



Thanks Nick. As newish Member who is hoping to use the Hut more often, this is very useful.


Thanks Nick.

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